Hamas Makes Mass Arrests In Gaza Following Killing Of Three Policemen

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Hamas has declared a state of emergency and on Wednesday morning began arresting supporters of the Islamic State and other Salafist organizations in the Gaza Strip en masse, hours after three policemen were killed in a series of blasts in the coastal enclave, according to Palestinian reports.

An unnamed security source told the BBC that the two explosions that hit police checkpoints near Gaza City on Tuesday evening were the result of suicide bombings carried out by IS and that one of the attackers had previously been detained by Hamas.

Hamas, the Islamic terrorist organization that controls Gaza, has frequently come into conflict with supporters of more extreme jihadist organizations in the strip and recently undertook operations against members of IS. Last year, the group’s Sinai branch declared war on Hamas, terming the group and its supporters “apostates.”

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  1. Israel should give out candy and start naming streets after these people for their “heroism” for murdering some Arabs am curious to know what the reaction would be

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