Hamas: No Ceasefire Deal Until After Massive Weekend Protests

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Hamas officials said Thursday that their group will only agree to an Egypt-mediated ceasefire with Israel after massive protests planned on the Gaza Strip border with Israel this weekend to mark a year since weekly disturbances started.

Three Hamas officials familiar with the negotiations said that the Egyptians had offered Hamas a series of measures to ease the blockade on Gaza. In exchange, Hamas would have to pledge to halt rocket fire and keep protests along the Israeli border under control.

The officials said the deal would only take effect after the planned mass demonstration along the Israeli border.

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  1. What makes these losers think that Israel is or will be interested in a cease fire after they have their usual tantrum only this time on steroids. These reshoim never miss an opportunity to make the wrong choice.

    If they their weekend protest gets out of hand which is very likely, they could get a real shellacking well deserved no doubt.

    They are like a nasty wound that won’t heal. The band-aid Israel has been applying to the wound has not lead to healing. The only option left is surgical removal.

  2. Im surprised no one here sees the bigger picture. Its obvious that Israel wants Hamas to be in charge of Gaza. Whats the alternative. The PA. The people of Gaza don’t want them and I don’t think Israel wants to give them any legimitiacy. We all know Israel can retake Gaza in a second but then what. Be the police of a hornets nest. Israel right now needs Hamas to run Gaza. They will shoot. Israel will shoot back and life goes on. Hashem should protect us.

  3. Why would any sane person think hamas will adhere to this “cease fire” any more than they have adhered to the last 500 “cease fires” of the last 5 years???!!!

  4. Why call them “protests” or “demonstrations”, they are planned and funded riots and attempts at invasion.


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