Hamas Refuses to Allow Flotilla Aid into Gaza Strip


hamasAs of right now, the State of Israel has loaded 20 trucks with various types of aid found onboard the flotilla. Expired medication, clothing, blankets, some medical equipment and toys were among the aid found on the ships.Unfortunately, the Hamas terror organization is unwilling to accept the cargo and the trucks filled with humanitarian aid have not been allowed to enter the Gaza Strip. It appears that Hamas is in fact stopping the transfer of the humanitarian aid.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. We know that this way the world will still be upset as isreal and if we let it in to gaza that the world might cool off a little or all the way that’s why we don’t let them in with the humanitarian aid

  2. If they don’t want give it to all those people in southern israel who lived for years under katusha rain from aza(gaza).

  3. #2: Of course you are right- the PA have always been happy to hurt their own people as long as in the process they damage Israel or make Israel look bad to the world.

  4. how could the people in gaza support if hamas cant they see how clear it is that hamas is to blame for all the terrible conditions that they live in. how will this one be spun to blame israel?


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