Hamas Says New Phase Of Understandings Underway With Israel

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Hamas on Monday confirmed that millions of Qatari aid dollars had entered the Gaza Strip for distribution to needy families, claiming that a new phase of understandings with Israel was now underway, Ynet reported.

The Gaza Strip’s ruling faction said the new understandings would include improvements to the blockaded enclave’s water and electricity supplies, relaxed import and export rules, and expansions to industrial projects in Gaza.

Palestinian media also reported that a delegation of Qatari technical experts was in the strip to meet with the Energy Ministry’s Deputy Chairman Samir Muttair. The team is reportedly to begin work on installing a new electricity line aimed at improving Gaza’s electricity supply.

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  1. We “understand” that Hamas wants the country called “Israel” to be totally eradicated and every Jewish man, woman and child, regardless of where in the world they live, to be killed c”v. Nothing new about any of that.


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