Hamas Textbooks: Torah and Talmud ‘Fabricated’

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hamas-leader-khaled-meshalHamas has introduced new textbooks into schools in the Gaza Strip that characterize the Torah and Talmud as “fabricated,” The New York Times reported.

Gaza schools previously used a curriculum approved by the Palestinian Authority. The new Hamas textbooks describe Zionism as a racist movement whose goals include driving Arabs out of all of the area between the Nile River in Africa and the Euphrates River in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey.

“The Jews and the Zionist movement are not related to Israel, because the sons of Israel are a nation which had been annihilated,” the books say.


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  1. But mohammad is real! G-d actually appeared to this chamor al chamor in the desert and told him he’s it! We’re all the dummies cuz we don’t believe that!

  2. What do you expect from theses chamorim? If our own susim in the knesset (Lapid, Gal-Or, et al) deny the Torah’s word – why shouldn’t our enemies?

  3. This is actually quite interesting since this acknowledges the actual power and right of Jewish life in terms of Torah and Talmud and then goes on to say that it is a “fabrication”. This only goes to further jewish interests in the long run since the wicked are not blessed and their lies will turn into our own blessings when they are fixed by higher powerful ways.

  4. #2, actually the Rambam calls him the “Ish ha’meshageia”- the one who causes others to go crazy. We can all see how accurate that was.


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