Hamas: The Price for Gilad Shalit Will Rise the Longer Israel Waits


shalitHamas leader Khaled Meshal warned Israel today that the longer it waits to accept a deal for the release of abducted Israel Defense Forces soldier Gilad Shalit, the greater his group’s demands will grow.

“I told the Zionist leadership who reneged on the prisoner swap and surrendered to American demands that our demands for Gilad Shalit’s release are clear, and as time goes by we will raise the bar on our demands,” Meshal told students in Damascus.

“We will not settle for Shalit and, God willing, the freedom fighters will succeed in kidnapping more soldiers as Israel doesn’t understand anything but the language of force,” Meshal added.

The family of Gilad Shalit on Sunday launched a cross-country protest march, vowing they will not return to their home in northern Israel until the release of their son Gilad, who was abducted in a 2006 cross-border raid by Gaza militants.

Meshal also referred to Israel’s raid on the Turkish aid ship to Gaza, and said that Israel’s status in the world is declining.

“Israel is in a difficult situation and it has internalized the degree of [Hamas’] success after the Gaza flotilla, and is now trying to divert the world’s attention from the suffering of millions of Palestinians to the Shalit affair,” Meshal said.

He reiterated that “Israel is an illegitimate Zionist entity,” and criticized the leaders of Arab nations for continuing diplomatic ties with Israel.

{Haaretz/Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Al pi halacha we may not pay more than …..to release terrorists is definetly not allowed. If the price paid may encourage more kidnaping then regardless we may not redeem the victim. Perhaps if we show absolutely no interest, they’ll stop their kidnappings.

  2. “Israel doesnÂ’t understand anything but the language of force”

    sounds like HaShem is speaking to Israel.

  3. be prepared for MORE SUICIDE BOMBERS as they are led free proving to them that terrorism pays as they get freed ALL FOR THE PRICE OF 1 soldier. hold yourselves in for more terrorists to go on & by then it will be too late to stop them from happening. ONLY TO HASHEM can we turn to for true help. for one that has Faith & trust in Hashem Lacks nothing. (a pasuk in Tehillim chapter 34)

  4. “sounds like HaShem is speaking to Israel.”

    Sure, guy. This is a murderous terrorist who said it. Yeah. Sounds like Hashem to me.
    Truth is, it’s the arabs who understand only force. And defeat. It must be absolutely miserable to be an arab muslim and have tiny Israel beat you down again and again and again. So this outlaw says dumb things and makes himself feel good. And you, in your desire to read a Heavenly message into and out of everything an arab terrorist says, feels that this is God talking to us?

  5. Israel can not release terrorists, especially those with murder on their hands. They are endangering hundreds of people if they do.

  6. Release all the arabs for Shalit but before sending them back inject them secretly with some no cure bacteria and they lived happily ever after


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