Hamas To Publicly Execute Two Men In Gaza

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hamas-chief-khaled-mashaalHamas plans to publicly execute two prisoners in Gaza next week as a “lesson” to others, according to Amnesty International, which has described the move as “deeply disturbing.”

The human rights organisation said a 23-year-old man had been sentenced to death for “collaboration with an enemy entity”. He told his lawyer he had been beaten during interrogation, Amnesty reported.

An appeal at a military court is scheduled for Wednesday but he will be at risk of imminent execution if it is unsuccessful.

The second man, 27, confessed to the abuse and murder of a six-year-old boy in 2000. He was sentenced to death despite being a minor at the time. Amnesty said he was “apparently tortured to ‘confess'” to the crime.

The pair are among 40 prisoners on death row in Gaza. The most recent executions, of two men convicted of collaborating, took place in June at a police compound.

One of them reportedly confessed after being tortured, Amnesty said, adding: “Torture and other ill-treatment of detainees in the custody of Hamas security agencies are widespread and systematic.”

Read more at The Guardian.

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  1. Duh! What else is new! But Heaven forbid if the Israelis or the Americans do normal interrogational pressure onto prisoners the world is up in arms!


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