Hamas Urges Palestinian Youths To Take Revenge Against Israel

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Hamas has called on Palestinian youths to take revenge against Israel.

In a press release, the Gaza-ruling Palestinian terror group called for the “youth” of the West Bank to take revenge against Israelis for “crimes against our elders” through “resistance in all its forms,” including terrorism, the Times of Israel reported.

Hamas added that Israel would pay a “heavy price” for its crimes during Ramadan, which has always been the “month of jihad and resistance.”

The call for violence by Hamas came amid a bloody end to the week for Israelis. On Thursday, 13-year-old Hallel Yaffa Ariel was stabbed to death in her bedroom in Kiryat Arba by a Palestinian terrorist, while on Friday, 48-year-old Rabbi Michael Mark, a father of 10 children, was killed along Highway 60 in Judea.



  1. isnt it amazing–all this tararam and obama yimach shmo still has not heard about these events. not that we care what he would say, anyway

  2. Asude from the brutal barbarism the חוצפא of these ruthless savages know no limits!
    Why doesn’t the IDF obliterate them once and for all!
    It will put Iran in its place too!
    Every day רח”ל more barbaric terrorism and they have the gall to talk like this! And the world’s silence remains deafening! ג-ט זאל אפהיטען.


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