Hamas: We Are Not Terrorists

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Hamas is calling on the Palestinian Arab organizations to work together against the US draft resolution which will be brought for a vote before the UN General Assembly and which will condemn the group’s rocket attacks against Israel.

Approval of the resolution, Hamas claims, will have broad implications, as it will incriminate the entire “resistance” of the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian Arab organizations claim that international law grants them legitimacy to fight against Israel using all means until “Palestine” is liberated from the river to the sea.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Of course not. You just look and act like that. On a far more serious note, Hamas violence is reflective of the Muslim world view, and if the UN declares that Hamas is indeed not a terrorist organization, then it must accept such entities into society, as normal.

  2. you know Hamas and Hezzbolah might not be terrorists per se, its a very real possibility they are weaponized Drug Cartels and if that is the case, that would explain why we are not allowed to kill them. No matter, this is not going to end well for them, there will be dead yidden, but its going to be 200 years before they recover… just in time for Shabbos… chag sameach to the Tzibur

  3. you let shegeds and anonymous post here, but when a true Shomer Shabbos yid with yiras shomayim post, you pull it. i have tried over the years to be here, but in the end, its you guys that are nothing better than julius stricker and with any luck, you will experience the same results for being like this with Yidden. its gonna be a long walk to shomayim for you guys, sort of just behind hamas but their will be no virgins for you… i am out for ever and will begin a facebook page, the anti matzav.com… get ready boys


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