Hamas: We Found A Way To Overcome Iron Dome, More Surprises Up Our Sleeve


In a video published on Monday, Hamas boasted that it had found a way to “overcome” Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system.

The video, translated from Arabic by Israeli Channel 12, shows Hamas militants next to rocket launchers, as well as footage of what appeared rockets fired from Gaza at Israel in May.

“We found a way to overcome Iron Dome. The pace of launches was the fastest in our history, 700 rockets in 30 hours. 85 rockets were fired at Ashkelon, 80 to Ashdod, 60 to Beersheba — all carrying large warheads,” Hamas said.

“We employed a tactic of massive launches toward a single target to overcome Iron Dome. The heaviest fire was used after [Israel] hit high-rise buildings. We have more surprises up our sleeve,” it added.

Read more at i24NEWS.



  1. This in of itself is a declaration of war onto innocentwomen and children. Blow them up to pieces once and for all. No rachmanus!

    • Whom are you talking to? Don’t you know that Israel’s leadership are puppets of the self-appointed radical left high court judges who would never even allow Israel to shoot at terrorists.

  2. tefillos are desperately needed as Unfortunately we look headed to another encounter with those murderous thugs with no real answer politically… you can’t massacre the entire Gaza which is the only solution…. hashem is trying to show us אין לנו אלא אבינו שבשמים


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