Hamodia: Yated Relocates, But Says Will Print As Usual

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hamodia-yatedHamodia reports: Monsey, NY – Suffering from its worst challenge in 24 years of existence, the Yated Ne’eman transferred its essential equipment to a different office and will publish its Wednesday edition as usual, according to a Yated employee.

Matti Hiley, manager of operations at the Yated, told Hamodia yesterday that the storm-induced power outages forced them to move to another location since power is not expected to be back on before Friday.

“We just had to set up our entire office someplace else,” Ms. Hiley said. “We got ourselves a generator, but we have no internet connection so the generator doesn’t help us much. So we realized that we just had to move.”

A friend of Matti’s offered Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz, the publisher of the paper, use of his office, and they transferred their basic equipment such as computers and printers over there yesterday. The Yated‘s weekly edition, which appears every Wednesday, goes to print today.

Matti said that the Shabbos storm was the toughest challenge the Yated faced in its 24 years of existence.

“If you want to cruise around Monsey,” she said, “it looks like a war zone. There are wires and trees all over the place, so it is tough to get around.”

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  1. The main issue should be why Orange and Rockland Utilities is so incompetent that it will take till friday to get power back in my home and the rest of Monsey. What a disgrace.

  2. #6: What are you trying to insinuate? Have you ever seen something different the other way? I’m also not so sure that this is positively. Maybe a bit of Loeg larash.

  3. PS- If you can’t do Shabbos without the Yated- what do you do the week after Sukkos, the week after Pesach when the Yated doesn’t print.

  4. Stop complaining! We here in Flatbush, thanx to Bloombag, were shut down last winter during the big snowstorm! No streets were plowed. business was lost. But, hey, Bl$$mberg got his parking tickets, so all is well in lala land!

  5. to #20: I am quite aware of private attitudes. But I can assure you, having had many conversations with people high up in both organizations, that the private attitudes and feelings go both ways quite equally. However, both sides are also equally discreet in public. So why the snide comment against one is beyond me.


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