Hamonei Bnei Yisroel Hachareidim L’Devar Hashem

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nk-smallThe following was taken from the Neturei Karta’s most recent newsletter. It states that those who are chareidim l’devar Hashem should not recite Birchas Hachammah, this coming Erev  Pesach, in a location that was made with the help and permission of the Tziyonim.


{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Maybe they should proclaim that noone should practice Judaism at all , in places that was made with the help of the Zionists. May they all get whats coming to them , these reshaim gemurim.

  2. I love Neturai Karta (the real ones who live in Meah Shearim and don’t kiss ahmadinejad)

    They always come up with interesting “chops”.

    How about always crossing on red light because the Tziynim put up the traffic lights?!

    Avi K, whaddaya say?

  3. why does matzav waste their time by posting this? attention is what they want and you just gave them another reason to print more mishigas

  4. This makes no sense. What about mitzva sukkah? what about botei nesiot? what about so many mitzvot that the location was made with the help or permission of the tziyonim? AD MOSEI???

  5. Mordechai, chill out. Anyone you disagree with you call a rasha gamur? Maybe you could use a little mussar. Even if you disagree with the nk on this, their point is very well taken.

  6. Volozhin- they can’t say it in shechem because you will have to drive on israeli streets to get there (not to mention you would have to go thru a machsom and look at an idf soldier)! i guess they will go back to iran!

  7. Is it better to say Birkas Hachamo in Chuz Loorez in places made by goim wich hate us even more and seek to destroy us ch’w’sh’ ?

  8. “Noone should pray where the Zionists made that place available for prayer!” said the rabbi from Neturei Karta. “Now please excuse me as I safely walk the streets, raise my family in peace, lay my head to sleep in peace, wake up and pray and study Torah in peace, no thanks to the Zionists who keep the Arab terrorists out. Thanks instead go to…uhhmm, to… ahh…can I get some help here…”


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