Hand Sanitizer Demand Surge Fuels Child Labor Fears

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Soaring global demand for hand sanitizer to combat the new coronavirus could increase the use of forced and child labor in sugarcane plantations, U.K.-based researchers said Thursday.

Sugarcane is used to make ethanol for alcohol-based gels and seven of the world’s largest sugarcane producers – including Brazil, Mexico, and Thailand – have a high to extreme risk of child and forced labor, said analytics firm Verisk Maplecroft.

“A lot of structural challenges that producing countries . . . already had are now being laid bare by the pandemic,” said Jimena Blanco, head of its Americas team.

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  1. I can not stand the alcohol hand sanitizer. It makes my hands too squish. I have some water based foaming hand sanitizer now and it makes me very happy to feel clean. I assume that it does its job.

    What a nuisance. These products are so tangy that so many will die to pick them up. But I hope daringly now to use it much. We do not shake hands now right?

    Betters get the good stuff. The alcohol may be ok but some may hate it. I hope they do better with soaps.


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