Haniyeh: ‘No Power In The World Can End Al-Quds Intifada’

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Ismail HaniyehDeputy head of the Hamas terror organization, Ismail Haniyeh, on Sunday lent his support to what he called the “al-Quds Intifada,” saying that “no world in the power” would be able to stop it.

Speaking at a demonstration in Beirut, Haniyeh said: “We are ready for political and popular unity at all levels and willing to agree on a united national strategy to protect the intifada, regain Palestinians’ rights, and adhere to the inalienable nationalistic principles.”

He added that national unity was “embodied today by Palestinian people in the field” and should be maintained and deepened at a political level.

“No power in the world will succeed in putting out the al-Quds Intifada,” he said.

“Some people thought that our people have tired from intifadas, revolutions and resistance, and even based their strategies on the thought that our people would not rise again. However, the al-Quds Intifada came to thwart all their plans.”

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  1. right. because if anyone gives you what you deserve, you go running like a bunch of cry babies demanding protection for the “genocidal israaelis”

  2. yea?It’s time to pressure the US ,UN and EU to stop all funding to the PA and Hamas-they’d stop pretty fast killing jews then


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