Hannity Blasts House Investigation Into Trump As ‘Gruesome Display Of Modern Day McCarthyism’

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Fox News host Sean Hannity on Monday derided the House Judiciary Committee’s sweeping investigation into President Trump as “the biggest, most gruesome display of modern day McCarthyism.”

“Is what you’re seeing from the new far left Democratic party good for you, good for your family?” Hannity asked in the opening monologue of his Fox News program. “Well I think the answer will be obvious because, just like I have told you in the past, once Democrats’ collusion hysteria is exposed as a fraud, they wouldn’t apologize, they wouldn’t admit they’re wrong.

“They were just going to pivot into investigating anything they make up and everything involving the president. We the people will now be subject to the biggest, most gruesome display of modern day McCarthyism,” Hannity continued, referencing a campaign former Sen. Joseph McCarthy launched in the 1950’s against alleged communists in government and society.

Read more at The Hill.



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