Hannity: Media Nothing More Than An Extension Of Democrat Party

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Biden would never be fully-vetted if mainstream media was in charge.



  1. Hannity is a big hypocrite.
    He has daily discussions with Trump. Not only is he an extension of Trump, but he controls Trump like a puppet.

  2. Or, perhaps, alternatively, the DemocRATS are an extension of the media! Regardless, they’re two institutions who want to see America fail.

    Could you imagine they’re still going after Trump on a daily basis!! It’s not normal! All they want is for him to fail. It’s going to be a תמות נפשי עם פלישתים though! A failed America is a failed America for them too! Snipping our noses to spite our faces!

  3. Over 120 Mainstream Fake News media outlets, as well as Google are controlled and censored by leftist Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google.

  4. To anonymous are you kidding are the republicans supposed to sit quietly while the democrats play their games did u ever c the level of power abuse from republicans like you have seen from democrats such as the irs scandal? Do you really believe that the democrats care about anything but their own power and couldn’t care less about the country and if anything good happens in the country they are so upset because it will harm their chance to reclaim power. On the other hand all we want is to c a country that runs with a little common sense something the democrats are incapable of

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