Hannity: The Deep State Is Desperate For Dirt On Trump

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Democrats fume as Don McGahn skips House hearing.



  1. Why don’t we start investigating real criminals and their crimes like Obama, Hillary, Holder, Lynch, Brennan, etc.???
    The government is afraid to go there!!! They like to waste time and make points for the next election. Don’t forget what the priority of a House or Senate Member’s is; to get re-elected!!

  2. The Deep State includes their mouthpiece: Fake News, Fakebook, Google and Twitter. Did you notice how Twitter deleted all tweets mentioning Q balloons flying over Windsor Castle, England, in honor of President Trump’s visit?

  3. According to Hannity on Fox News, President Trump will be declassifying results from the FISA and Horowitz investigation probably next week. These reports include treason against all those political criminals you mentioned and more. Which is why they’re panicking and want to get him impeached asap.

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