Video: Hanochas Even Hapinah at Airmont Shul Led by R’ Lipa

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lipa_2[Updated with video below.] Mispallelim of the Airmont Shul in Airmont, NY, gathered yesterday for a special celebration of the hanochas even hapinah of the new bais medrash for the shul. The bais medrash is being  constructed on the property of the rosh hakahal, R’ Lipa Schmelczer, who founded the shul a year and a half ago for the growing frum neighborhood.

Airmont is a village in the town of Ramapo in Rockland County and includes the hamlets of Tallman, Airmont and South Monsey. In recent years, with rising housing prices in Monsey proper, a large number of Yidden have chosen to purchase homes in the Airmont/South Monsey area.

Yesterday’s event began with the recital of Tehillim, followed by remarks by R’ Michoel Schnitzler and Lipa, and then the groundbreaking ceremony.

The expansion of R’ Lipa Schmelczer’s shul, and now the construction of what will be a beautiful and spacious mikdash me’at at 16 Murray Drive, are part of the overall development of this nascent Yiddishe enclave.

“This is a shul that is open to all Yidden,” R’ Lipa has told, “and boruch Hashem, in addition to our regular mispallelim, we’ve been able to be mekarev many Yidden.”

R’ Lipa, who is well known for his musical talents, was born on March 17, 1978, and grew up in New Square. He has gained popularity for his lively and uplifting singing and creativity. To date, he has released 8 albums and has used his gift of music in a variety of ways.

Every Shabbos, R’ Lipa delivers a drasha at the shul, and he regularly arranges for baalei mussar and darshanim to address the mispallelim.

Boruch Hashem, since the founding of the shul, we’ve never missed a minyan on Shabbos or Yom Tov. Once the new shul is up, im yirtzeh Hashem, we won’t miss a minyan during the week either,” he said.

R’ Lipa, in addition to his weekly drasha, regularly davens for the amud and encourages people to come to the shul, doing anything he can to further inspire the shul attendees.

Click below for a video of the event:

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  1. #2 You don’t need Semicha and be a R’ to uplift yidden. It dosn’t say anywhere that he paskuns shalos. I’m sure there are many who come to shul and enjoy it. Judaisim dosn’t have to be boring. !Go Lipa Go!
    P.S. I’m not his fan, I don’t listen to his tapes not my style, just encouragement.

  2. Some people get an “honorary” R’. He’s done so much in the world of kiruv, being misameach people, and increasing achdus + ahavas yisroel that he deserves it. And it’s also very inspiring to hear him speak. He really speaks from the heart; you just feel it.

  3. This is the day! that Rabunus and hanhaga was given over to the hands of entertainers and celebrities!and you MATZAV have the zechus in promoting it, by reporting this and not tha hanachas even hapina of some other kehila kedosha led by a ruv, marbitz torah, dayan, talmid chochom etc.

    soon we will be getting clips of divrei hisorerus, sholosh seudos tora, and YES in the near future divrei HASKAFA on whats right and wrong!!!

    its sad that most people dont even see anything wrong with this!!

  4. luz leben! Why does everyone have to knock the next person! You don’t agree with the post, keep it to yourself.
    enough knocking!! That’s all we see here.

  5. Moshe Rabbenu had a different attitude than you – cf Rashi Devarim 29:3. Torah is the property of all Jews; while we need to be led by Rabbonim, nowhere does it say regular people cannot learn Torah Beiyun, or give Drashos. If people want to listen to someone who brings them to Avodas Hashem (whom you obviously now nothing about – maybe he only says over Torah he heard from his Rabeim?)that’s between them and G-d, not you.

  6. R’ stands for Reb not Rabbi or Rebbe. R’ Lipa is not as stated in the article the Rav of the shul but the Rosh Hakahal which is meant to be filled by a Ba’al Habayis.

  7. To “ich her”
    Lipa is a Skverer chosid and i’m sure he consulted with his Rebbe.
    Lipa goes to people dying of Cancer or other Sickness R”L and lifts their spirits in their final moments. He abides by the Torah and Halacha.
    If I would live close by I would support him occaisonally.
    It’s sad that you are so naive.
    P.S. Did you ever do a fraction for Klal Yisroel of what he does?

  8. Why do people think they have a right to criticize Matzav for this post this is a website and its within their right to promote what they sees fit, you have a problem with it? Pick yourself up and go elsewhere nobodys forcing you to they this sight! It’s Matzavs right to promote any shul they want, and using the title of reb is fine many have the title and never recieved smicha!

    I for one have recieved alot of chizuk and simcha from Lipa’s music at times when I was very depressed not even all that far from being suicidal, so yes lipa saved my life at many a time, so this zchus, is his.

  9. Is horav shnitzler the rav hatzoir?
    Agav all chasidishe rebbes open warm Shuls,are mesameiach yidden and uplift Jews thru song and nigunim, The rebbe reb lipa and the rebeh rav schnitzler are no different. Every rebeh has his mahalach to attract chasidim and followers, some sing, some put out hagodos shel pesach etc. They are all equally holy and are following in the footsteps of the bal shem and othe chasidic masters.

  10. Mazel Tov and Hatzlacha Rabba to R’ Lipa Shelita !!!!! May HaShem Yisborach continue to bless you with spectacular success. May everyone that enters your Shul be zocheh to all the Berachos that the Rebono shel Olam rewards those that come close to Him. You are doing great things !! And THANK YOU Matzav for reporting this special event and providing the Geshmaka video. Matzav is doing holy work in reporting on all events that occur in our communities. The posheteh Yid that only knew Aleph Beis in the Shul of R’ Levi Yitzchok Berditchev was Zocheh to open the very gates of Heaven on Yom Kippur. Your Shul, too, R’ Lipa, will open the Gates of Heaven wide for all of Klal Yisroel !!!!!!

  11. Reb Lipa you are an inspiration! Your love for Yidden shows in all ways. When my sister in law O”H was very sick, you came to her house to entertain her. Although others also came, the only one she was able to enjoy was you.I like most of your songs and I think you use your talents L’Shem Shomayim. Keep up the good work. G’mar chasimo tova to you and klall Yisroel.


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