Hariri Slams Netanyahu for ‘Not Believing in Peace’

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haririLebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri has slammed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu saying that he “does not believe in peace.” In an interview with the Washington Post, published Friday, Hariri questione Netanyahu’s will to continue peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

Hariri told the Washington Post that in order to achieve a peace deal in the Arab-Israeli conflict, there must be strong leadership, which is something that Israel is lacking.

The Lebanese prime minister accused Netanyahu of destroying the Oslo Accords.

“There is no leadership in Israel,” he said. “At one point you had [Prime Minister Yitzchak] Rabin who wanted peace. He’s the one who believed in the peace in the region, but Netanyahu doesn’t believe in peace.”

During the interview Hariri accused Netanyahu of being “somebody who is not willing to talk about real peace in the region.”

Hariri stressed that comprehensive peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis is the only way that security can be assured.

He went on to discuss Israel’s peace situation with the wider Arab world which includes Syria and Lebanon.

“[Netanyahu] takes the issue of security as the basis of his whole political platform but you will only have security if you have peace,” he said during the interview.



  1. Since the only kind of peace the Arabs (especially their leaders) believe in is the kind where all the Jews will “rest in peace” (ch”v), so yes, I guess Netanyahu doesn’t believe in that.

  2. Mutsu pusol es minoi! this puppet is going to be thrown out of power in a few weeks Hizbulah back by Iran has already made clear it’s intentions, and Iran which hates the word peace is going to take over, and so the so called Lebanase Prime Minister Mr Hariri, is really one to talk about Netanyahu being a strong leader and making peace, not that he is I mean the guy’s a puppet and anybody could pull his strings whether it’s Obama or the secular or even the frum, but fact is that Mr Hariri who’s way weaker then Netanyahu, should be the last one to talk about leadership and making peace! It’s so odd that a Newspaper should give an interview with a guy who’s weaker then any world leader in the world today, and he should give opinions about peace and leadership, I guess in the antisemitic climate we are living in when you speak against Jews or Israel you will always be given the stage, regardless of how full of lies, weak and stupid you are!


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