Harmless Purim Dummy Turns Into Matzav In Chicago

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adar-dummy-smallA harmless dummy hung in the spirit of Purim in Chicago somehow turned into a rescue effort yesterday after police and paramedics arrived at the scene thinking that a dummy was a real person.

Some bochurim at Telshe Yeshiva in Chicago, in honor of Chodesh Adar, created a Mishenichnas Adar sign and hung it on the front of their dormitory building. The bochurim, in their creativity, made it look like a person – a dummy – hanging up the sign had lost his balance and was hanging on for dear life on the high window sill while the fallen ladder sat below.

Police officers and paramedics were contacted by someone who was not aware that the “guy” was nothing more than a dummy. After arriving at the scene, police and paramedics cut the ropes holding up the “fellow” and finally reached him, only to discover adar-dummythat he was nothing more than a dummy. The police and paramedics broke out in laughter, quickly figuring out that the sign and dummy were nothing more than a creative Purim endeavor by the boys. In fact, the paramedics, smiling from ear to ear, took the “person” on a stretcher and headed back to their station to show their “find” to their friends.

The bochurim later contacted them and asked if they could get their dummy back. (One of the bochurim needed to return the shaitel from the dummy’s head to his mother!)

Wishing everyone a joyful month of Adar.

{Dovid Bernstein-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I wish I would’ve thought of that one in my days in Chicago.. We only thought of hanging the dummy haman from the Beis Medrash ceiling on the night of Purim

  2. “aza ma’ashe only could happen in Telshe, nowhere else.”
    Do you mean the ability to create a dummy that looks real or a real person that looks (is) like dummy?

  3. this is halarouis, imagine the paramedic running up the ladder to dave a person only to find out what it rallly is, so fun i’ll tryi it in my town

  4. sorry i dont think its true as there is NOTHING in the mainstream media about this. if it were emes, I would bet any amount the sun times or trib would pick it up.

    of course if i am wrong and it was picked up pls post it.

  5. I honestly don’t find anything funny about this. If it was in plain site so that someone outside of the Yeshiva saw and in panic called the police to rescue the ‘falling man’ then time and money was stolen from the city. Let alone, the fear factor of the caller.

  6. That sounds like fun I wonder why president obama who comes from chicago hasnt commented on this one yet. Creativeness and fun in adar is so good for the boys in yeshiva its a long winter and boys dont really get the chance as much as girls get to use their talents its really great that roshei yeshiva allow the boys to express themselves like this as long as its safe of course

  7. to doubtful: What’s your shaila? a little sign on a building and a mistaken call to 911, that ended in a laugh. Why should the Sun Times or Tribune be interested?

  8. To doubtful: It’s emes! I saw it myself. The bochurim worked on it hard late at night and were pretty upset that the cops took it away before the Hanhala saw it!


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