Harris Fundraises Off Trump Calling Her ‘Nasty’


Sen. Kamala Harris’s presidential campaign sent a fundraising email to supporters on Thursday with a message slamming President Trump for his “gendered” attack against the California senator after the president labeling Harris’s line of questioning towards Attorney General William Barr during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing as “probably very nasty.”

“It seems like anytime Donald Trump feels threatened by a strong woman, he lashes out with this gross, weird attack,” the message read. “It’s the kind of sexism that makes me want to run my head through a wall.”

“You’d think, after three years, he could at least come up with something more original,” Harris’s campaign wrote.

The campaign warned that Trump’s attacks on Harris “are only going to get worse,” and asked supporters to donate so that the 2020 contender can take on the president head-on in a debate.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. It seems that Trump bashing is the only qualification the Democrats need for their Presidential candidacy with the one who knocks him the most the winner.


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