Harry Reid: Comey Should Resign

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FBI Director James Comey should step down for refusing to divulge information that Russia was allegedly interfering with the presidential election, outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said today, NEWSMAX reports.

“We have all read the press the last few days; the FBI had this material for a long time,” the Nevada Democrat, who is retiring by the end of the year, told MSNBC today. “But he, Comey, who’s a Republican, refused to divulge this information about Russia interfering with the presidential election.”

Reid in October tried to warn the country about the CIA having information about Russia’s alleged activities, and wrote a letter to that effect to Comey. However, at that time, Reid said today, he did not believe Comey was “the new Edgar Hoover,” and had faith he would “do the right thing for the country. But he would not let well enough alone,” said Reid of Comey. “He couldn’t do enough to help and everyone knows that WikiLeaks, everyone should know, WikiLeaks was involved from the very beginning. They leaked the information as if they were one of the great political operatives of America, when in fact it was run by the operatives in Russia.” Read more at NEWSMAX.




  1. Mr. Reid you should all be criminally charged for all that was exposed about you because you people of all Behavef criminally but you managed to cover it up until somebody finally exposed you. As long as you guys run it didn’t matter what you did now that you lost all of a sudden it matters

  2. Comey should resign for not taking care of the Clinton problems not the Russians imaginary hacking. Now that the Clintons are not going to be prosecuted for all different kinds of illegal acts, just like the Whitewater indictments, I guess money talks and who you know even talks louder. With them its is always someone else to blame and they do it well with no guilty conscious ever, and they always get away with it.


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