Harsh Censure of Finance Ministry Adviser’s Remarks Against the Chareidi Birth Rate


dr-avi-simhonPublic figures strongly denounced groundless remarks by Israeli Finance Ministry adviser Dr. Avi Simhon, who called for a reduction in chareidi childbirth and attacked the chareidi sector for having large families.

“I can’t understand why a good finance minister deserves to get – for a second time – such a bad adviser who makes such nefarious remarks,” said Knesset Finance Committee Chairman MK Rabbi Moshe Gafni on Tuesday. “He’s not the first to propose putting a halt to childbirth. The first to suggest that was Pharaoh. Just as the previous adviser was dismissed from his post, so too this adviser has to go. Yuval Steinitz is a good finance minister. He comes out openly against harsh words and it’s unlike him to have this sort of adviser. I’d suggest he fire him.”

Education Minister Gidon Saar also spoke sharply against the chareidi community, saying that the law for income support of avreichim is a bad law since it perpetuates poverty. He also reiterated his insistence that all schools teach a core curriculum.

{Deiah veDibur/Matzav.com}


  1. The more Pharaoh oppressed the Jews, the higher was their birth rate. If the Chareidim get more oppressed perhaps they’ll have more children.


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