Harvard Grads Organize Separate Commencement For Black Students

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Student organizers of the “Black Commencement 2017” raised $27,000 for the first university-wide graduation ceremony for black students designed to celebrate their achievements and struggles at an elite institution with historic ties to slavery, the Boston Globe reported.

The commencement will take place on May 23 at Holmes Field near Harvard Law School. More than 120 grads are registered to attend, Fox 25 Boston reports.

Similar ceremonies have been organized for students at other schools.

Michael Huggins, the president of the Harvard Black Graduate Student Alliance, said “it’s not about segregation.” Students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds will be allowed to attend.

Huggins added that students attending the event will also attend the university’s official commencement on May 25. Read more at Fox News.



  1. if anyone else tried to do this they would be lynched and ruined for life. evidently there are different rules if you are black.

  2. There was a Doonesbury about 20 years ago about an African American takeover of a university president’s office and demands included separate water fountains….


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