Hate Charges Dropped In The Murder Of Sarah Halimi H”yd

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The Paris Prosecutor’s office said it would be dropping the hate crime charge in the trial of Kobili Traore, a 28-year-old Muslim man who threw his neighbor, Sarah Halimi, to her death from the window of her third-story apartment bak in April.

According to witnesses, Traore was heard shouting about Allah and calling Halimi “a devil” in Arabic. Halimi’s daughter also testified that Traore had called her a “dirty Jewess” in the building two years before the murder. But the examining magistrate in Traore’s trial, which opened this week, dismissed the aggravated hate crime charge before the trial actually began.

Traore is pleading temporary insanity, though he has no history of mental illness.

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    • The way the French authorities insisted on protecting the terrorist. There is no hate worse than this. This was the reason Sodom and amora were demolished. Even their judges, justices were corrupt. The French are one of the biggest anti semite one can find. This was true even before the Muslim terrorists arrived.


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