Hate Lipman? Chas Veshalom

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dov-lipmanDear fellow readers,

I have been following the coverage of Dov Lipman and have  mulled over the issue. Through Matzav, I emailed Rabbi Felik, who authored a few of the published articles, and I had a productive discussion of the issue with him, sorting through some of the issues.

What I wish to share is a very crucial point:

I do not believe that Rabbi Felik or any other ehrliche Jew who has written on this topic “hates” Dov Lipman, as some – especially those who disagree with us – contend. Rabbi Felik and many others – most in the Torah world – are upset that Dov presents himself as a chareidi yet distorts much of what is precious to us.

He criticizes and distorts, among other things:

-The purity of our chinuch system.

-The value we place on Torah learning.

-Our esteem for our gedolim.

He has said things about gedolim that are regrettable.

He has denigrated yeshivos and those who learn in them.

He has ignored the leading gedolim of his generation.

He has yet to tell us which Torah leader, from any chareidi community, he follows and consults.

He is entitled to his own opinions, but he is not entitled to claim that he knows better than we do and better than what our gedolim feel is best for us.

He is not entitled to be honored and given legitimacy by those whom he so clearly disrespects, even as he claims that he is one of us.

All those who are so concerned about sinas chinom and lashon hara should please send their messages to Dov Lipman, for he has been guilty of both of these – against us, Torah Jews.

Again, we don’t hate Dov.  Chas v’shalom! We don’t hate any Yidden. In fact, even if they are misguided, we care for them. Even the anti-frum bloggers, who are so destructive – we don’t hate them as people. We strongly disagree with their beliefs, their actions, their remarks and their approach. We are shocked by what they do. We may even hate their approach and their conduct, but we don’t hate them as people.

Our gedolim have taught us to love one and all. Rav Elazar Shach and Rav Mordechai Gifter zichronam livracha spoke out strongly in defense of mesoras Yisroel and, at the same time, they were two of the greatest ohavei Yisroel of their generation.

Those defending Dov Lipman’s campaign should never have the gall to accuse us of hating him, even if we have reason to. We would love nothing more than for him to realize his mistaken approach and make an about face. If we hated him, we wouldn’t care for him. We do care. We do care about him and his well being.

Dov, we hope you come back to us, listening to the call of the gedolei Torah whose chareidi camp you claim to be a part of, and realizing that partnering with a party that is bent on reshaping and acculturating chareidi Jewry is a colossal mistake.

Your friend,

A Fellow Jew

Lakewood, NJ

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  1. Well said. A yid as long as he is alive can do Teshuva and express regret and remorse for his errors. Let us hope that Dov Lipman will be honest with himself, and at leats admit he is not chareidi, and dosn’t have any Rabbinic support in the Israeli or American Chareidi world.

  2. Sorry, but Dovid Hamelech in Psalms 139 states “messanecho Hashem esnoh” “tachlis sinah shnaisim”, and in mesechta Pesachim 113 2 “mutar lsanoiso” “Mitzvah Lsanoiso”, and further in Rambam Hilchos Daiois chapter 6 verse 8 “bedivrei shomaim, im lo chozar boi bsaiser, machlimin oisoi borabim umefarsimim chetoi umecharpin oiso bfonov umevazin umekallin oiso ad sheyachzor lemutav kmoi sheasu kul hanevyim. Additionaly, please see Shaarei Tshuvah Shaar 3 verse 159 and further in verse 160.

  3. Any Jew who is still ?????, which you would save from phisycal danger, you do not hate.

    The way it’s done is that you have to invision the true essence of this yid, hidden deep in his soul, as being captured, over-taken by a foreign force. You hate that foreign force that is monipulating him to act a certain way, but you realize it isn’t his true deep essence.

  4. This is actually what the westboro church also advocates. They don’t hate anyone they would love that everyone be chozer beteshuva.

  5. Lapid does not need Lipman’s heksher. He would be doing exactly what he is doing right now, whether or not Lipman was on the ticket.

    “Share the burden” has strong support amongst Lapid and Bennet supporters and Lipman’s resignation or speaking out against his own party would have no effect at all, as they do not need him for anything

    Lipman was number 15 on the list and is nice whipping boy for the American blogoshphere, but no party head pays much attention to his #15.

    Nothing would change for the better for the yeshiva budget or the yeshiva draft were Lipman to resign tomorrow — and, most likely, it would be worse.


  6. 1) When did R’ Felik get smicha?
    2) It’s Rabbi Lipman, he does indeed have smicha.
    3) You guys must be pretty insecure in your beliefs to still be on LipmanWatch.

  7. I heard from an alte Yid living in Yerushalyim, who was very close with the Satmar Rebbe Rav Yoel, that the Rebbe never said yemach shemo about a Yid no matter who they were or how terrible they acted.

  8. #18 – knowing a few sections of yoreh deah does not meen you have daas torah. lipman is arguing with people who know all bavli , yerushalmi, and shulchan aruch by heart. he wouldn’t step in the ring with mike tyson for a boxing match because he knows he’ll get killed , so why is he doing the same thing in the torah arena.

  9. Last I davened on Fri. night I said Ohavay hashem SINNU roh. Lipman’s hashkofos are roh so you must hate him and his hashkofos.


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