HATERS GONNA HATE: UN Expected To Open War Crimes Probe Into Israel

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The United Nations Human Rights Council is likely to open a war crimes probe into Israel’s latest conflagration with Palestinian militants based in the Gaza Strip and its activities in Jerusalem that led to a breakout of ethnic violence across the country.

The expected establishment of a commission of inquiry comes less than a week after Israel and Palestinian militants ended 11 days of fighting on May 21 following an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire deal.

Pakistan and the Palestinian Authority are sponsoring the resolution, which will come to a vote on Thursday when the UNHRC will hold a special session in Geneva.

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    • Because the property is owned by a couple of heimishe yidden. They can daven shachris in Munkatch at 1:00pm and then after a tuna bagel & coffee at the local eatery they wait for the mailman to deliver them the check. Off to Europe. Life is great.

  1. I believe the Nuremberg Trials where the CDC, the WHO, Fauci, the Health Departments in all countries, including Israel, and world leaders and doctors, will have to answer for crimes against humanity will be first.

  2. Interesting they dont open probes into USA bombing ISIS. How exactly is ISIS different from HAMAS?

    If UN thinks it can do better, in the next conflict let Israel pay UN soldiers to protect them and to fire back at Hamas.

    Lets start with hiring UN army to protect the temple mountain.

  3. “Palestinian Authority are sponsoring the resolution”
    And they is no probe again PA for hiding Hamas/terrorists and knowingly allowing them to operate?

  4. What does Israel or for that matter the US gain by being in the anti Israel anti US United Nations? We stupid Americans fund an organization that hates us and what we stand for


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