HATORAH CHASA AL MAMONAN SHEL YISROEL: Save Over $35 in Tolls to and from the Catskills. Here’s How.

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  1. Sorry but this notice is incorrect, it is NOT $37.00 if you go the conventional way.
    To the Catskills you don’t take the RFK bridge (it is going out of the way). The total expense would be only $1.50 (Thruway) for going.
    Coming back you also don’t take the RFK bridge (it is going out of the way) and if you have carpool the GWB is $6.50.
    So if you go the regular faster and more efficient route it will cost less than $10.00.
    Even if you don’t have carpool – ezpass rate is $12.50/peak & $10.50/off peak for the GWB – total will be around $15.00

    Yes, it is still more than $1.25 – but it is not even close to $37.00.

  2. I heard if you take the I 80 West to California then go south across country bypassing the hudson crossings also save you tolls.

  3. You think it’s normal to pay tolls??? Only on the east coast! The rest of the world looks at you in amazement and wonders how so many people became brainwashed.


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