Hatzalah, Chaverim Once Again Offering Services Over Pesach

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Orlando, Florida will benefit from the services of both Chaverim and Hatzalah for the duration of Pesach.

Orlando Hatzalah has grown tremendously in size this year, they now have almost 100 members. The Orladno Pesach phenomenon has taken on new proportions this year as well, it’s been estimated that over 35,000 Jews will flock to the city for the Yom Tov.

A hotline has once again been established for Hatzalah/Medical related emergencies in the Orlando area. The number is 407-307-3600 or 305-771-4357. These numbers will be answered by a Hatzalah dispatcher 24/7, even on Shabbos and Yom Tov.

Because the group is not an established Hatzalah/EMS organization in Orlando they have no way to transport any patients to a hospital. Therefore, a Hatzalah member noted, it is VERY IMPORTANT TO CALL 911 AS WELL as soon as possible, preferably even before you call Hatzalah.

Hatzalah members or other EMT’s or Paramedics that are coming to Orlando and are interested in helping out over Pesach, are asked to contact [email protected] with their first name, last name, unit number, cell phone number, and where they will be staying in Orlando.

A Chessed Fund has been set up as well, so more potentially life-saving equipment and supplies can be purchased.

Additionally, small group of Chaveirim members from different neighborhoods have been working diligently together to arrange services, should they be required. A hotline number has been arranged for families requiring any sort of Chaveirim assistance on the I-95 or in Orlando at all over this Yom Tov and csan be reached at 407-308-5857.

Chaveirim members interested in helping out over Pesach are asked to  contact [email protected]







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