Reb Nachman Kletzky Takes Over Netzach Kosher Meats

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reb-nachman-kletzky-netzach-meats[Photos below.] wishes heartfelt brachos and wishes for hatzlachah to our good friend, Reb Nachman Kletzky, as the new proprietor of Netzach Israel Meats in Boro Park. Reb Nachman and his rebbetzin, parents of Leiby Kletzky z”l, have served as models of inspiration and chizuk to us all.

This past week, Reb Nachman’s rov, Rav Binyomin Eisenberger, rov of Heichal Hatefillah of Boro Park, visited the store and met with the mashgichim there, discussing various shechitah, melichah and nikkur related inyonim. The rabbonim made a lechayim and wished Reb Nachman much success in this endeavor.

Netzach Israel is located at 5010 16th Avenue. The phone number is 718-851-0051.

The store features free delivery and is under strict kashrus certification with a mashgiach temidi.

Netzach is the only facility in Boro Park that kashers its beef on premises, with smaller quantities treated to allow for proper inspection of every piece salted.

See below for photos of the visit of the rabbonim to the store:

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  1. the history of this store is, Netzach Israel Meats was opend by Skulener Rebby Zatzal about 50 years ago to have a nice parnusa for a Talmud of his, and was later taken over by his chossid the last owners father. PS: Netzach Israel is the same name of skulener bais hamedrash in wlmsgb.

  2. Weber Meats on Fort Hamilton Parkway and 54th Street also Kashers all his meat on premises AND goes down to the Shechita to pick out the cows.

  3. They’re known for THE freshest broiled chicken liver in town. I used to go there for years (from a distance) just for the liver. Was usually still warm. Much Hatzlocha.

  4. Netzach chooses it’s Prime cut meats right from Alle (Satmer) as they r unloaded after the schitah, this how its been done for 50 years.

  5. The original store was known as Portugal and Kraitenberger, which my father bought at the behest of the rebbe, when some locals complained about competition, my father took the name of the shul, at the behest of the rebbe, my father had a partner at the start that was for 6 months , now u know the rest of the story


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