Photos: Hatzolah Volunteer Saves Life On El Al Flight, Emergency Landing in Norway

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El Al Flight LY1 from Tel Aviv to John F. Kennedy Airport made an emergency landing in Norway this morning after a passenger suffered a heart attack.

There were approximately 200 frum Jews on the flight.

Shaya Bernath of Hatzolah came to the rescue of the heart attack victim and, upon landing in Norway, the patient was rushed to a nearby hospital.

The flight resumed and is scheduled to land at JFK at about 2:30 p.m. EST, with many hours to spare before Shabbos.

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{ / Photos: Yona Langer}


  1. Kol hakovod to Mr. Bernath.

    ETA to JFK is now 2:55 pm, and could be much later given weather en route airport traffic. I hope passengers’ relatives and the usual organizations are aware and on standby.

  2. I understand that there was a doctor also on board that helped “save the passengers life”. That doctor happens to be my father, and he is also present in the pictures above. From what I understood, he worked on the passenger for a lengthy period before the emergency landing. I find it interesting that there was no mention of him, perhaps because he is humble and decided to be low key and felt that there was no need to make a story of the whole thing. I would think that all parties involved would give credit where credit is due. A Shame that that is not the case


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