Have Your Videos and Pictures Featured on V’Nismach Live and Share You Dedication to Torah by Inspiring Others

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Can you imagine that just 141 days ago we came together in MetLife Stadium with nearly 100,000 fellow yidden, with no distancing, no masks, no gloves, (well ok, maybe some winter gloves) and we joined as one, united, in celebration of Torah? 

Wouldn’t you just love to relive that moment now? 

Well, not only can you, but you can help others relive it too! How? 

Send us your pictures, screenshots, and videos clips of you and your family learning Torah during lockdown, whether you, your father, brother, or Zeidy learning on Zoom or on the phone, tablet or computer and have them air on the feature video presentation of V’Nismach – ‘Learning During Lockdown’. 

Send your clips and pictures to inspire@thesiyum.org ASAP.

And, make sure to tune in live, right here, this coming Wednesday night, Leil Erev Shavuos, and relive The Siyum


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