‘He Is Done’: Failed Former Israeli PM Says Netanyahu’s Government Must Be ‘Thrown Out Today’

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Failed former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert says Bibi Netanyahu’s government must be “thrown out today” after the “terrible failure” of his policies.

Olmert has accused Netanyahu of “downgrading” the Palestinian Authority and says he “flirted” with Hamas because Hamas “could never” be a partner for peace negotiations.

“There is not a chance that Netanyahu will do it, therefore it is another reason why he has to be thrown out today,” Olmert told Sky News Australia.

“I think there is a good chance that this government will not hold for much longer – how much longer, I don’t know – a matter of days, a matter of weeks, a matter of a few months, not more than that.

“I think that he is done; he is history.

“No one is very capable of holding to power after the terrible failure which was the outright outcome of his policies.”



  1. So Olmert is saying we should of made peace with Hamas?! Even after what happened on Oct 7th?! Olmert needs to be admitted into a mental institution immediately.

  2. Of course he won’t say that it was his policies of appeasement that brought us to this point. All the army “professionals” are from that culture, and they reassured Netanyahu there’s nothing to worry about.

  3. Funny, we only hear this from FAILED prime ministers !

    [Olmert & Lapid were both ready to give a -way the kitchen sink to the arabs for NOTHING.
    Thankfully they both failed /Imprisoned ].

  4. Why are you giving Olmert the Oisvorf a platform on this website, giving free space to advertise his rantings? He is irrelevant. Ignore him and whatever he says.


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