Head Of SHABAK: “2000 Potential Terrorists Were Identified Since The Beginning Of 2016”


According to the head of the SHABAK (GSS), with the help of ‘quality intelligence’ that was gleaned through the cyber sphere, many terror attacks have been thwarted, says SHABAK Director Nadav Argaman.

“In the past year the SHABAK, together with its partners in the international intelligence community and cyber defenses (organizations), have dealt with many challenges in the field; from powerful (government) threats, to threats from terror organization, and even threats from hackers acting on their own.

“In order to thwart these threats, we have implemented dozens of sophisticated and successful operations. And still, given the deceptive characteristic of cyberspace, we should remain modest and cautious about our ability to obtain a hermetic picture of what is happening in this space”.

“To successfully identify a lone attacker is a tremendous challenge. Despite the complexity involved, the SHABAK together with its partners succeeded to…from the beginning of 2016 to identify more than 2000 potential lone terrorists”. Read more here.




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