Head Start Director Visits Yeled V’Yalda, Conveys President Obama’s Commitment to Needy Children

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head-start-director-boro-park-yeled-vyalda[Video and photos below.] In an historic first, the highest ranking federal Head Start official – the Director herself – went to visit Boro Park to meet, observe, and witness firsthand how the Head Start programs enhance the quality of life for thousands of children and their families.

Prior to the formal program at Yeled V’Yalda, Director Yvette Sanchez Fuentes was graciously taken on a tour of Ezra Medical Center and interacted with both staff and patients.

Yeled V’Yalda Early Childhood Center was selected as the host in recognition of their status as a first rate Head Start program and indeed Solomon Igel extended a warm welcome to Head Start Director Yvette Sanchez Fuentes giving an overview of how Head Start has particularly made a difference to thousands of children of the community.

Throughout the program, a common theme stressed by Yeled V’Yalda CEO Solomon Igel, was how effective the collective efforts of all the Head Start programs and that is how important it is to respect the diversity of those who benefit from the Head start program. City Councilman David Greenfield praised the extraordinary mission of Yeled V’Yalda calling it “a world of service”. Councilman Brad Lander, who could not make the meeting, was praised for his commitment and advocacy for the children.

Director Sanchez Fuentes delivered good news by informing the community how committed President Obama is to increasing funding for the Head Start program—in stark contrast to the proposed Ryan budget (a plan that was released by Congressman Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s running mate) which would cut 400 million to Head Start a point highlighted by Maya Kremen of Congressman Jerry Nadler who is also a fierce proponent of increased Head Start funding.

“I appreciated the opportunity to interact with the Director of Head Start who took the time to dialogue with local Head Start directors which allowed us to be better informed”, noted a participant upon leaving the reception.

See below for photos of the visit:

Click below for video:

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  1. It is indeed a fabulous program from which many families get a lot of help, support and often much needed respite. It is a very needed service and Yeled is in the foreground of this program. Kol Hakavod to Shlomo Igel and his dedicated staff, who may I add are treated very bakavod’dik. (I have first hand knowledge.)

  2. Very nice. Obama is looking for the Jewish vote. What do you think you will get if he gets in for a second term– Wake up and think.

  3. Could I meet with her and ask why yeled wouldn’t accept my son? I am a frum single mother, low income and my son has medical/therapy needs. I received a letter from yeled head start that they select students based on family situation, economic situation and medical/special needs. The letter continued BASED ON THESE THREE CRITERION YOUR CHILD DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR HEADSTART. Of course, yeled said there is no one to talk to because the decision was made. So, should I ask Director Fuentes to find out why I don’t qualify for yeled headstart?!

  4. All of you seeking grants, aid, funding, welfare, food stamps, medicaid will end up bankrupting the country and will be responsible for voting the worst president on record to a second term. You will also be responsible for a lack of funding for institutions from businesses which are being threatened in terms of taxes and viability via the govt.


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