Health Ministry Looks To Punish Doctor Who Vowed Not To Treat The Prime Minister

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Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman excoriated a senior doctor at Hillel Yoffe Medical Center in Hadera on Tuesday, following reports that the doctor vowed never to treat Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Earlier on Tuesday, Dr. Yaron River, the Neurology Department chief at Hadera’s Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, said that he would refuse to treat Netanyahu if the prime minister was ever brought to his hospital.

“This is an outrageous statement to make, one which cannot be ignored,” Litzman said. Litzman added Tuesday that he had called on ministry officials to examine what sanctions could be taken against Dr. River.

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  1. Yaron should be fired immediately and his license should be revoked. There is nothing to discuss. How can ANY patient feel safe with this thug “treating” them?! What are they waiting for??? Some corrupt Shin Daled controlled “judge” to allow his firing?

  2. Tooth fairy doctor. Maybe he can leave the world a clean penny for our bounty of just health.

    I think we should look under the pillows of his patients and see if he put his name on their voting cards too. This is not a doctors right.

  3. What happened to the doctor who was sympathetic to the palestinians and then issued some hypocritical apology? maybe the two of them can open a clinic.


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