Heartbreaking: Habachur Chaim Rock zt”l, Killed in Meron Tragedy

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For the victims of Meron, there is no future. No chasuna to look forward to, no children to raise, no legacy to leave behind at the end of a life well lived.

One such bochur is the heilige bochur Chaim Rock, zt”l. Habachur Chaim Rock was killed in the stampede in Meron. This sweet boy, always figuring out new ways to help his friends, he will never marry. He will never have children. He will never be able to leave behind the legacy that we all wish we can leave for our family, our children, our friends.

Chaim! You went home to Avinu shehbashamayim! You went to your father, and no longer can any of your friends learn from your amazing middos, be inspired by your love of Torah, and be gladdened by your constant smile. No longer will you have the opportunity one day to teach your children how to have hasmada for Torah!


Chaim’s family is still sitting Shiva, but already they are troubled, how to get a true nechama from their son being ripped away in his prime Yeshiva years? 

The only way for Rabbi Shlomo Rock and his wife to help their son Chaim leave a legacy behind in this world, their only hope to use his memory to bring more Torah and ma’asim tovim to this world, is to dedicate a Sefer Torah in memory of their dear son. But they need your help! The cost of dedicating a Sefer Torah is exorbitant, and they need their brothers and sisters to join together, in achdus, to help bring this dream to reality.


Please, join in with Chaim’s family and be a part of this nechama. Join with your brothers and sisters to help give this family some semblance of peace, so soon after their son was tragically ripped away from them at such a young age.


$100 to purchase a word

$250 to purchase a pasuk

$500 to purchase an amud

$1000 to purchase an entire parsha

Etz Chaim 2500

Crown 3600


  1. Editor, please reconsider using the word “stampede”, it implies that people were behaving like animals, of which there is no evidence, and impugns the victims. A better term is “crush”

  2. A Sefer Torah has about 304,811 letters. A mehudar ST cost about 65-70 thousand dollars. A magnificeint super mehudar is about 100,000 dollars. If the Tachlis is a Torah to lain fomr, then divide the cost of 110,000 dolllars to include Atzei Chaim, cobver and crown by 314,811 and raise the needed money. There are so many families who are alamanos and yesomim and need food, rent, clothing, simcha money…. shouldn’t their needs take priority over 100 dollars a letter???

    • Halevai that this should raise a quarter of what you think it will.
      Aside from this, it is not your place to decide where people should donate their money.

    • I guess you dont understand that Nechama is not only about money or clothing for some. This family lost a little son and for those that have lost family members and dedicated sifre torah; they will tell you that it is one of the most comforting and healing things you can do for a nifter. This child didn’t have a wife or kid. He had parents and siblings that loved him and want to still hold him and have him and a sefer torah fills up that space in many ways.


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