Heat Wave Has Israel’s Fire Authority Considering Lag Ba’omer Bonfires Ban


A heat wave may force authorities to ban Lag Ba’omer bonfires.

Lag Ba’omer falls on Wednesday night and Thursday, and the National Fire and Rescue Authority has already prohibited lighting bonfires in public parks, forests, and other potentially dangerous areas

Thursday will see a heat wave, affecting most of Israel. All areas of Israel will see heavy or extreme heat, and firefighters are liable to ban Lag Ba’omer bonfires due to the risk that the flames may quickly spread out of control.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. To גזירת הדת.
    You’re a hater. One of quite a few. That’s why there’s anti Semitism… not for any other reason.

  2. The whole Lag Baomer bonfire thing is a relatively new custom of some people, not universally accepted. People should keep that in mind when discussing such things.


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