HEIMISH AND AMISH: Social Distanced Chasunah Held in Amish Country, PA – Videos and Photos





  1. Not every video is appropriate to show for Bnei Torah especially the one with the ladies and girls running.

    • pointing about:nothing wrong with seening grils running,if u dont want to see it, maybe u shouldnt walk in nyc sreets

  2. Mazal Tov.
    The only positive thing from this epidemic is that people are not waisting insane money on showoff weddings. Hopefully, this will long-term change our community’s money waisting habits, though never underestimate the power of stupid.

  3. …if you truly feel this way, then you shouldn’t be on Matzav.
    Singing, I hear. Dancing, I hear. But running?! Next you’re going to call out Matzav for acknowledging that women even exist.

  4. I have one question. Did anyone come by and yell “לאנדסמאן לאנדסמאן” or OY GEVALT before fainting away?

  5. all local county & state guidelines where followed to the T. so please take your negativity and hatred to your closest mirror & fire away!!! ty


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