Help a Father With Almost No Stomach

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Reb Moshe Y. is living with a fraction of his stomach. He lost most of his stomach to Crohn’s disease – an illness that ravaged his organs and eventually threatened his life. His suffering over the past decades has been indescribable.

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Although most Crohn’s patients live fairly normal lives, Reb Moshe has a terrible case. He suffered infections, blood loss, and other complications that nearly killed him, many times over the years. The surgery was a last resort – a final attempt to save his life.

In addition to Crohn’s Reb Moshe has diabetes and liver disease. Now this talmid chochom and marbitz Torah lives on medication: infusions for his Crohn’s, injections for his diabetes, pills for his liver disease.

He can’t eat – but his children need food!

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The family struggles to put bread on the table. There’s no money for the simplest thing, even a bit of chicken for Shabbos. They live in Yerushalayim, where COVID-19 has made everything harder. Plus, as a Crohn’s patient, he is immunocompromised. Even when some people ventured out, he couldn’t work at all. This is going on for over half a year.

The family needs your help!

Incredibly, Reb Moshe’s home is a happy place. He smiles and sings and laughs with his children, and infuses them with emunah and hope. But his medical condition is serious – and his children are hungry.

Help this tzaddik get medical care – and feed his children.

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Wishing you a year of health, prosperity and besuros tovos.

For more information about this cause, call 845.425.2875.


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