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It’s a day of unity for Rockland County.

It’s a day the community unites in full support of those who have been on the front lines saving lives.

It’s a day to show appreciation to those who enter the lines of exposure time and again in order to save another Yid.

It’s the day we unite for our units.


Today, is the Hatzoloh of Rockland campaign.

Every time the phone rings at Hatzoloh, there’s a life hanging in the balance.

There’s a panic stricken family afraid of losing the life of a loved one.

And every time the phone rings, there is a member who stops his life and runs.

He leaves his family midsentence and he runs to save a generation.

He will never say no.

He will never refuse a call.

Because he knows the importance of saving a life.

And so do you.

Nothing we can do will ever be enough to express appreciation for what Hatzoloh does.

But there’s a window of opportunity now.

By donating to Hatzoloh of Rockland in time of their campaign you are expressing the admiration and appreciation you’ve always dreamed of conveying.

Especially now.

When Hatzoloh has risen to the occasion in time of crisis.

We owe it to them.

Let’s unite for our unstoppable units.




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