Henninger: The Anti-Trump Resistance Will Never Stop


Donald Trump legally overthrew the Obama presidency, says Dan Henninger of The Wall Street Journal, who explains that Mark Zaid was speaking for the entire anti-Trump resistance determined to stop Trump.



  1. The Anti-Trump Resistance Will Never Stop INCLUDING the foolish religious Jewish media online, newspapers and phone. How can religious Jews be so dumb and trust fake news? You don’t need a Gemara head to see that the media run by Democrats and RINOs are as corrupt and as evil as they come.

  2. Before the 2016 elections, one of the Jewish media outlets online would not allow my post that “Trump will win” go through, no matter how I wrote it. It didn’t take more than a bit of logic to realize that he’d win in a landslide.

  3. Jill Stein started this whole garbage, with her demand for a recount. Why the DNC controlled media won’t investigate this, is disturbing.


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