Henry Kissinger Celebrates 100th Birthday

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Henry Kissinger, the former diplomat and presidential adviser, is celebrating his 100th birthday today, surpassing many of his political peers who played significant roles in guiding the United States during challenging times, including the Nixon presidency and the Vietnam War.

Born in Germany on May 27, 1923, Kissinger is renowned for his influential role in shaping American foreign policy during the 1960s and 1970s, particularly in his efforts to extract the United States from the Vietnam War.

In an article published in The Washington Post, David Kissinger, Henry Kissinger’s son, noted that his father’s centenary is a testament to his unwavering determination and affinity for historical symbolism. Henry Kissinger has outlived many of his contemporaries, critics, and students, remaining remarkably active into his 90s.

To commemorate his 100th birthday, Henry Kissinger will be celebrating with visits to New York, London, and his hometown of Fürth, Germany, according to David Kissinger.

In recent years, Kissinger has maintained significant influence among Washington’s power brokers, serving as an esteemed elder statesman. He has offered advice to presidents from both Republican and Democratic parties, including during the Trump administration. Alongside his advisory role, Kissinger has continued to run an international consulting business, delivering speeches in the distinct German accent he has retained since fleeing the Nazi regime with his family during his teenage years.

Throughout his tenure as national security adviser and secretary of state, Kissinger played a pivotal role in major foreign policy events. These include pioneering “shuttle diplomacy” for Middle East peace, engaging in secret negotiations with China to thaw relations between the two superpowers, and initiating the Paris peace talks aimed at resolving the Vietnam conflict and ending the U.S. military presence in the region.



  1. It’s fifty years since Dr. Strangelove advised President Nixon NOT to intervene if Israel were attacked [the YK War]. His NSC had already advised the President that Israel would LOSE. Api-Api-Qores. Bedmate of Qayin, Qorakh and Bil’am. [His parents were exemplary shomray-mitzvos. ]


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