HERE WE GO: NYPD Eliminating Plainclothes Anti-Crime Units in Move Toward More Community Policing

The NYPD will transition its anti-crime units into other assignments including detective work and neighborhood policing, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said Today, NBC reports.
The change will affect roughly 600 plainclothes officers, he said.
“Thankfully, here in New York City, angry demonstrations have turned peaceful. Thoughtful discussions about reform have emerged,” Shea said at a Monday afternoon news conference.
Last week, New York state lawmakers repealed a decades-old law that has kept law enforcement officers’ disciplinary records secret, spurred by the national uproar over the death of George Floyd.
The measure to make officers’ records and misconduct complaints public was among several police accountability bills racing through the state legislature. Lawmakers passed other bills that would provide all state troopers with body cameras and ensure that police officers provide medical and mental health attention to people in custody.



  1. NYC will become a crime ridden unliveable hell hole. It’s easy to blame the police…..but no one will be honest about the REAL problem. Hope you all get what you’re asking for. I’m moving where there’s no bus stops or subways . Good luck with your “community policing” fools

  2. Apparently Black live DON’T matter after all.

    This will be going back to the Dinkins days of six people being shot over the weekend in NYC and thousands (yes thousands)of murders a year. The overwhelming majority of those victims were black


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