Here’s How To Keep Your Kids at the Shabbos Table



Meet your weekly box of sweetness…One box filled with everything you need to elevate and transform your Shabbos table!

Shabbos Shtick is a weekly subscription box filled with Parsha Nosh and Insights! It’s THE sweet way to connect with your family and discuss the Parsha at each Shabbos Seudah! Plus, lots of fun entertainment!

What’s in a Shabbos Shtick box?

Fun & Sweet, for Everyone

Each box is loaded with Parsha Nosh (up to 7 types of candy) and a Parsha Booklet with programs for both Friday Night and Shabbos Day Seudos explaining how the nosh connects to the Parsha and more entertainment!

Sweetness, Year-Round

Experience the sweetness of Parsha each week with Divrei Torah, a Haftorah summary, Gedolim Yahrzeits and corresponding Stories, Parsha Facts, and Parsha Trivia, and Parsha Games relevant for each Shabbos and Yom Tov – plus a Parsha Challenge with a weekly raffle!

Learning, the Sweet Way

The Parsha Booklet is developed by veteran teachers with modern educational guidelines – designed for children (and adults) 4 years and up! Short, clear, and organized reading makes it enjoyable for everyone!


Always Judge Favorably

A scale has two sides. So does a story. דַן לְכַּף זְכוּת Judging Favorably. “כַּף” refers to the cup-shaped parts of a traditional scale. The תּוֹרָה tells us to “tip the scale” towards the nicer side, even when it’s hard to imagine that the situation can have a nice side!

Shop the Sweetness at (Special Introductory Rate!) or Call / Text / WhatsApp 732-410-7822 for more info!

Torah, Sweeter Each Week

Bringing Parsha to life for the sweetest part of the week!



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