HERO: Hiking Victim Remained In The Water To Help Save His Friends

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In new details uncovered regarding the flash flood that took the lives of 10 Israelis teens, Channel 10 reported that one of the youths chose to forgo climbing to safety in order to heroicly save the lives of his friends.

One by one, Tzur Alfi grabbed the hands of friends who were drifting away in the waves of the Tzafit River, allowing each to climb on top of him before hoisting themselves to safety, the TV channel said. Alfi remained in the water until he himself was swept away by the raging torrent.

“Tzur managed to grab a stone and could have lifted himself up (to safety) very easily, but he saw all his friends from the pre-military program toward him, so he grabbed everyone he could by the hand and let each one climb on top of him until the flood overpowered him,” Alfi’s girlfriend Liri Uriel, who had evidently spoken with some of the survivors from the tragic hike, told Channel 10.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. It’s just so painfull to even to try to imagine what they went through
    The parents! !
    Only only hashem can bring them nechamma
    May he do that for them asap!


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