Herzog: Israel Should Take in Syrian Refugees

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isaac herzogOpposition leader Yitzchak Herzog has called on Israel to accept refugees from Syria, in addition to the humanitarian efforts it is already making.

Speaking at the weekly “Shabbatarbut” event in Tel Aviv, Herzog asserted that “Jews cannot be indifferent when hundreds of thousands of refugees are searching for a safe haven,” Arutz Sheva reports.

Israel has already been providing medical aid to Syrians injured near its borders.

But his comments proved controversial, Arutz Sheva explains, as Israel is already struggling to deal with tens of thousands of illegal African immigrants claiming refugee status. In particular, working-class residents in neighborhoods in southern Tel Aviv – where most illegals live – say they are being made to pay the price of policies by the liberal elite.

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  1. A disgrace to his illustrious grandfather and namesake, Hagaon R’ Yitzchak Isaac Halevi Hertzog, second chief rabbi of Eretz Yisrael.

  2. In other words
    Israel should commit suicide

    Liberals are a mentalally ill. The problem for us is, the sickness as spread so much that many get voted into high office and put many lives in great danger!!

  3. To #2:

    Great point. These Liberals are always generous with someone else’s money/possessions. As long as it doesn’t apply to them.

    A good idea would be to rebuild Kush Katif and place them there.

  4. Herzog is a liberal idiot!!!How many arab & muslim countries are there with land, oil and lots of resources that THEYcan take in their arab brothers if they want, Israel already has enough Jew haters and killers!


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