Hezbollah’s “Armed Wing” Added To EU Terror List

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hezbollahEuropean foreign ministers unanimously agreed to blacklist Hezbollah’s armed wing due to concern over its suspected terrorist operations in Europe.

The blacklisting triggers the freezing of any assets the armed wing may hold in the 28-nation bloc. Until now, the EU had resisted pressure from Washington and Israel to take the step, arguing it could fuel instability in Lebanon and add to tensions in the Middle East.

The measure was approved by the EU only after distinguishing between Hezbollah’s armed and political wings – a completely artificial distinction. Debka File

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  1. Zionist Federation UK Chairman Paul Charney stated “Whilst I welcome the news that the EU is proscribing some of Hezbollah, I am left questioning what about the rest. Since
    it is and always has been a single organic terrorist organisation, then how does
    this help?

    The EU has made an irrelevant distinction and should proscribe Hezbollah immediately
    in its entirety”.

    Mr Charney is right. All parts of Hezbollah are a terrorist group so whilst this is a step in the right direction it does not go far enough.


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