Hezbollah’s Nasrallah: ‘We Can Invade The Golan, And Israel Knows It’

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In a speech that aired on MTV (Lebanon) on May 2, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said that Hezbollah has the capability to invade the Golan and that Israel acknowledges this fact.

He said that Israel is afraid to “get entangled” in Gaza and promised that if Israel’s army so much as thinks of invading southern Lebanon, it will be “crushed and destroyed for the world’s TV channels to see.”The audience then chanted: “We respond to your call, oh Nasrallah!”

The speech was delivered on the anniversary of the death of Hezbollah military leader Mustafa Badreddine.




    • No, that will NEVER happen. Nasrallah is %100 right. The IDF are cowards. Their leaders are petrified of what the editorial board of the NY Times would say. Just like we just saw in Gaza, the Israelis have lost all will to fight. Unfortunately now is the perfect time to attack r”l. The Israeli government policy is to bomb and attack empty buildings and fields. They always make sure to warn the inhabitants first. There are plenty of those around. Israel is at its weakest point. The IDF is at its weakest point. Moral is at an all time low.

  1. Hezbollah and Israel, both are not eager to start next war as it will be extremely bloody. Hezbollah has financial problems and is keeping its powder dry incase of US and Israeli attack on Iran, in which case Hezbollah will be expected to keep Israel busy, probably from Hezbollah and Iranian bases Syria, while USA and the Iranians will be busy trying to kill each other, in the middle East region at least.
    Israel also faces difficult decisions, it knows Hezbollah is much stronger than 2006 war, warning by Israelis about weapons shipments from Iran and missile factories in Syria and Lebanon are prominent. Whole of Israel is in range of Hezbollah’s missiles. The role of Syria and Iraqi militias give Hezbollah much more strategic depth and access to much more resources, not only money and weapons but also thousands of war hardened militias who fought in Iraq and Syria. It looks as Israel will be not much help to USA if trump attacks Iran. Iran will not allow the gradual build up of forces as Iraq did, USA has plenty of bases and forces and assests in the region but those bases will be vulnerable to Iranian missile attacks. Bases in Europe and as far as Pacific ocean would be used but it would not be a quick war and without any real possibility of land invasion, it could be a long, slow burn war after initial explosive start. USA would need much longer than 40 days it took allies to defeat Saddam in gulf war 1. Iran is much bigger and many of its military bases and weapons sites are buried deep underground.
    It will be a messy, bloody war but a single bullet fired by itchy fingers, anywhere from the Mediterranean ocean to Afghanistan’s boarders, could be the spark which will ignite the most dangerous war ever because all major powers, from India, Pakistan, North Korea, south Korea, Japan, China, Russia and NATO and USA and none NATO allies are all looking to settle scores. Stakes are high for all sides but they are highest for the civilian everywhere. Imagine if most satellites are destroyed on day one of war. No satellite TV or the internet? Never mind desruption to water, food, gas and electricity? Imagine not having the ability to write comments on websites you never heard of? It will b the end of life and civilization as we know it.

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