HGH Dosages For Anti Aging And Bodybuilding

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HGH Dosages In Bodybuilding And Anti Aging Therapy

Human Growth Hormone can make you younger, bigger, and stronger at the same time. The key to success is the right dosage. Here is how much you should take. 



Human Growth Hormone is the substance that makes all your tissues grow. Naturally, your body produces it in the pituitary gland. However, the older you are – the less HGH you get, and even peak natural amounts can be insufficient for your targets. That’s when synthetic injectable HGH is needed. To achieve the best results, you need to take just right HGH dosages. 


HGH Benefits

HGH is the compound of choice for most male Hollywood stars, according to multiple reports by local fitness instructors. It’s as effective as expensive, but the effect is worth every penny of the often inflated price. Here are the effects that people who buy HGH for bodybuilding aim for: 


  • Rapid dry muscle gains;

  • Muscle hardening; 

  • Strength gains; 

  • Body fat percentage decrease; 

  • Full body recomposition in one cycle. 


Other effects are related to anti-aging therapy. It’s popular mostly among female A-listers who need to stay young and screen-ready for as long as possible: 


  • Skin health improvement;

  • “Fresh” skin tone;  

  • Wrinkles, crows feet and laugh lines disappearing; 

  • Hair health and thickness improvements;

  • Overall anti-aging effect. 


Now, these are just the effects that you can see. However, HGH works on the inside as well. Here are the effects that you don’t notice in the mirror, but definitely feel: 


  • Internal organs health improvement; 

  • Heart muscle refreshing; 

  • Liver values improvement; 

  • Cholesterol levels normalization; 

  • Blood pressure decrease to normal levels.  


As you can see, ONE compound can give you positive effects in two major spheres – bodybuilding AND anti-aging. So, what if you need just one? You don’t care about muscle gains, but want to look younger? Or you don’t care about your skin condition and need hardcore muscle growth only? The only way to make HGH work as YOU want is the correct adjustment of the dosage. 


HGH Dosages For Anti-Aging 

HGH starts working on your skin elasticity and internal organs’ health improvement from an extremely low dose. 


2-3 IU is absolutely enough to make you feel – and look – 5-10 years younger than you are. 

Under this HGH dosage, you will most likely experience zero side effects and will notice positive changes 2-3 weeks into the cycle. 


HGH Dosages For Bodybuilding 

Athletes need significantly more HGH. Depending on your targets, you can go for one of two options: 


  • 4-8 IU for body recomposition, general fat loss, and muscle improvement; 

  • Up to 15 IU for extreme muscle growth and strength gains. 


The more you take – the more muscular you get, simple as that. Does it mean that a high dosage of HGH for bodybuilding targets will give you absolutely no anti-aging effects? No, it does not. You will still benefit from all the HGH effects, including your skin improvement. However, on a high dosage, you are way more likely to feel all the side effects of HGH. 


HGH Side Effects 

Even though HGH is proven to be a mild and well-tolerated compound in general, it has several downsides as well. There’s no free lunch, and a high HGH price does not guarantee your safety. Here is what you are likely to face on an 8-15 IU dosage: 


  • Soreness in the injection site; 

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (numbness in your fingers); 

  • Headache and dizziness; 

  • Edema and water retention; 

  • Pain in your joints and tendons. 


Another major downside is… the effect of HGH itself, growth of your muscle tissues. If it gets out of control – as it happens on prolonged cycles – boy, you’re going to have a bad time. Here is what it can result in if you abuse the compound: 


  • Heart muscle growth increases the risk of a heart attack; 

  • Lungs growth decreases your oxygen transportation speed (you get bigger lungs, not more effective lungs); 

  • Brain tissue growth increases the risk of an aneurysm; 

  • Bones growth increases the risk of osteoporosis; 

  • Internal organs enlargement is likely to lead to visual stomach growth, which most athletes believe to be not aesthetical. 

Of course, all these effects require a decade of non-stop HGH cycling to actually manifest. However, some anecdotal reports mention a need to buy a new hat because the skull has enlarged on HGH, in just a few years of injections. 


HGH Personal Intolerance 

Another weird thing about the HGH is that some people are just allergic to it. Yes, God has selected a number of random people and made them extremely sensitive to external HGH. Although they tolerate their natural growth hormone with no issues, synthetic HGH can cause some unwelcome effects:


  • Pain and swelling in the injection site that doesn’t stop in a few minutes after the administration; 

  • Stomach aches and muscle cramps; 

  • Fainting, blood pressure spikes, and nose bleeding. 


The worst part about the whole personal intolerance thing is that it can be fatal, and you won’t even know that you are at risk before you try. If you’re new to the subject and want to give HGH for bodybuilding a try, here is the safest algorithm of actions: 


  1. Buy high quality, pharma-grade HGH from a reputable store;

  2. Inject just 1 IU in the stomach area (subcutaneously) and have a timer on hand. 

  3. If the itchiness (which is typical for any injection) will not disappear in a minute or two, measure your BP. If you see any deviations from your average level during the next couple of hours, note them. 

  4. Avoid any extra activity, lay down on your bed or couch, and call an ambulance. Personal intolerance is not a joke, and it’s better to be embarrassed and have legal problems, but to stay, you know, alive. 


How To Take The Right Dosages Of HGH 

Regardless of your targets, if you can’t correctly mix your GH and count the active compound’s dosage in the injection (yes, HGH is injectable), you’re most likely to miss the point and make your situation even worse. Read as much as you can on the subject, be sure that you KNOW what “bac” water you will need, how to reconstitute HGH properly, and how to make a safe subcutaneous injection. 


This way, you can make HGH dosages your tools and take the compound either for bodybuilding or anti-aging purposes. 

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How Long Does Viagra Effect On Blood Flow Last?

Viagra is the world’s most famous drug for sex life improvement. Viagra effects turn you into a beast in bed with a rock-hard erection, even if you have problems getting aroused in general. Here is how long the miraculous effect lasts and what defines the duration, so buy viagra Canada.

What Is Viagra

First – a bit of theory. Here are a few facts that you need to know about the legendary “blue pill”: 

  • Viagra is just a market name – the compound itself is called Sildenafil; 

  • Viagra will NOT give you an erection; it will just make it way easier to get one and maintain it for a long time; 

  • Viagra has been the most expensive sex life improvement drug back in the days, but since the patent expired in 2019, it’s way more affordable now. 

How Viagra Works 

Before we talk about the effect’s duration, you should know what causes the effect itself and how exactly the drug affects your erections. 

Viagra belongs to a PDE-5 inhibitors class of compounds. To put it simply, it destroys the thing in your body that prevents your blood vessels from enlarging and relaxation. The more your blood vessels are relaxed – the more blood can reach your penis. I believe that you haven’t slept through all your biology classes and already know that erection is defined by the amount of blood that fills your penis, right? Well, with Viagra, you open the dam to the highest possible safe point and make erection an easy task for your body. 

You basically turn your 2-lanes vein roads into a modern 16-lane highway. The effect, however, is reversible.  

How Long Does Viagra Last 

Viagra action lasts from 5 to 6 hours top, peaking in 40 minutes after the administration.  

That’s a medically proven fact numerous anecdotal reports support that. However, some people note that the effect is highly notable only in the first 3 hours. Here is the reason behind the unclearness of details in the subject: 

  1. Viagra has a lot of analogs, generic copies, look-alike bunk substances, and so on. It’s so popular and expensive that one large scale underdosed shipment (or a fake substance, in the worst case) can support the laboratory’s life for a year straight. No surprise, many malicious businesses go for it. 

  2. Viagra effects are highly individual. Several factors of your life define the duration of these effects. Even the smallest (at first sight) details can cost you an hour or two of Viagra action. Here they are, listed one-by-one: 

What Affects Viagra Effects Duration 

First of all – Viagra effects are defined by some personal traits and situations that you can’t change:

Your Age 

Younger people have better metabolism – as simple as that. With a faster metabolism, you can put the substance to action much faster, and therefore – prolong Viagra effects. 

Your Body Stats.

A 5’3 guy will need significantly less Viagra for the best effects than a 6’5 guy. Seems obvious, right? The bigger you are – the more blood vessels you have. To make more veins capable of non-stop blood flow running, you need a more significant compound dose. 

Your Health In General

Viagra’s action happens both directly and through a cascade reaction. Even minor illnesses or chronic health issues can dismantle the process, slow it down, or cut the halves’ effectiveness. 

Other effects – luckily – can be adjusted by you. If you have enough willpower and dedication to prolong Viagra action in your body, this is what you should do: 

Avoid Stress 

Viagra needs a trigger, and the more relaxed you will be, the better and more prolonged erection you will get. Viagra alone can’t give you an erection; it needs an external stimulus to do so. If you are continually thinking about the upcoming rent pay, your bosses’ new task, or political situations, you will have no erection at all. Concentrate on sex and command your penis to grow, don’t pay attention to anything but your partner at this moment. 

Keep Your Diet On Point 

Viagra is a vulnerable compound that reacts badly to specific fats from food. Especially – to trans-fats from junk food. Avoid fast-food restaurants at any cost on the day that you know you will need an erection. 

Don’t Try To Take One Viagra Pill Shortly After Another

To get the effect, you have to wait for a day or two before the previous dosage will vanish from your body completely. Viagra is NOT a cycle drug; you should take some “natural” periods between administrations. 

That’s pretty much all you can do about the duration of Viagra’s effects in a 100% safe way. However, you have one more option – to raise the dosage. 

Viagra Dosage To Prolong Effects

Viagra is usually taken in 50mg dose (one full pill), but you can raise it to 75mg to prolong the effects. Would I recommend it? Hell no. It raises the risk of side effects geometrically. However, you should be aware that both effects and side effects of Viagra are dose-dependent. 

Viagra Side Effects 

On a serious note, I have to warn you – Viagra is a dangerous compound. You mess with your blood flow and your heart. The best way to stay safe is to avoid high dosages. Otherwise, these guys are waiting for you around the corner: 

  • Blood pressure spikes; 

  • Chest pain; 

  • Elevated risk of a heart attack; 

  • Nosebleeds; 

  • Headaches; 

  • The painful pumping effect in the gym.  

Now, to sum the thing up. Viagra action lasts from 3 to 6 hours straight. You can affect the duration with a well-balanced diet, taking the substance on an empty stomach, and stay as relaxed as you can. However, you can’t affect your age, body stats, and health in general. Take your time and set everything before the day X – Viagra effects can be a useful tool at your disposal, but only if you know how to use it. 

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Cialis vs. Viagra – What’s the difference?

Cialis and Viagra are basically similar in pharmacological action. Both make you hard when you want to have sex, but can’t get hard, if we use less medical terms. However, when you try to buy Viagra in Canada and someone asks you “why don’t you try Cialis instead?”, you rarely know what to answer. What’s the real difference between them? Pharmacists point out 4 crucial areas: 


  • Production form and chemical components; 

  • Method of administration; 

  • Duration of action;

  • Side effects.

Before we begin, let’s take a brief look at both substances separately. 

What is Viagra 

In short, it’s the most famous drug for erectile dysfunction treatment. It was awarded the Nobel Prize, and in the history of discoveries, Viagra ranks third in importance after X-rays and antibiotics. 

What is Cialis

Cialis was created to treat the same problems as Viagra does, but it acts differently, and it’s more popular among bodybuilders, because of a complex mechanism of action. 

Similarities Of Viagra And Cialis 

To actually differentiate one from another, you should also be aware of the aspects in which both compounds are absolutely identical. 

  • Both were created to treat erectile dysfunction; 

  • Both are PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase-5) inhibitors; 

  • Both act through improving blood flow in your body; 

  • Both need real sexual stimulus to cause an erection; 

  • Both were expensive back in the days and now are far more affordable than they were before the patents expired. 

The last aspects stand out a bit, but we know that the price is the ultimate factor for most men in this battle. 

Viagra And Cialis Differences

Now, finally, to the most controversial part. Here are the factors that deserve your attention: 

Form Of Production 

Here the differences are as noticeable, as insignificant. You rarely care about the color of the pill. However, if someday you will have to identify Viagra or Cialis, here are the visual differences: 



It comes in pills, covered with a protective yellow-colored shell. On one side of the pill, you can see engraving with almonds. 


The pop-culture famous «blue tablets» have the correct oval shape with smooth cut edges, covered with a special protective film, and placed in individual blisters.

Active Compounds

Both Viagra and Cialis are just market names, made up by marketing experts. In reality, we’re trying to compare Sildenafil to Tadalafil here: 


The main active ingredient of the drug for impotence is tadalafil. Manufacturers release the drug with 20 mg of the active substance.


The role of the active chemical compound is assigned to sildenafil citrate. In combination with other auxiliary ingredients, this substance stabilizes potency and increases the strength of erection.


This one is crucial – that’s the only area where the differences are obvious. 


The tablets can be taken at any time of the day — the effect manifests in 30-60 minutes after the administration. The drug stays effective for at least 36 hours. That’s the main benefit of Cialis – it lasts way longer than Viagra. 


Works best on an empty stomach. Cialis is not reactive to specific fats in your food, but Viagra is extremely vulnerable in this aspect. It can be literally destroyed in your digestive system before it will reach the blood flow. In case everything goes as planned, the effect occurs in about 40 minutes after the administration. Viagra should be taken drunk one hour before intercourse. The drug effect will last for about 5-6 hours. 


Cialis is way more potent than Viagra but comes in a smaller dosage. Here is an easy comparison table: 

Viagra (Sildenafil) Maximum Safe  Dosage

Cialis (Tadalafil) Maximum Safe Dosage

100mg ED

20mg ED

Why is it so important? Wait for your first visit to the pharmacy and you’ll get it in no time: you have to be a billionaire to buy Viagra in Canada in Cialis dosages. That’s why this battle is even possible in the first place. 


This is where Viagra takes the lead. It’s famous for being the most potent erectile dysfunction treatment, even though Cialis is more “powerful”. Here is a bald comparison: 

Viagra Effectiveness Rate

Cialis Effectiveness Rate



Even though a 3% difference doesn’t look that important, it’s crucial for some men. Also, Viagra can legitimately call itself THE MOST effective drug of its kind, and to this day, it holds this position. 


I will not give you exact numbers here (it depends on your location), but if you ever need to buy Viagra in Canada, you’ll be a bit shocked by the price. It’s way more expensive than Cialis. Most of the price was defined by the patent that expired in 2019, but now the pop culture effect has manifested. Viagra is not only the most effective; it’s the most expensive as well. 

Side Effects

The first thing that should be noted here – both drugs are mild on the sides. Adverse effects manifest rarely, and most of them quickly vanish right after the cycle. In most cases, unless you have personal intolerance, you will notice some of these only on high dosage: 


  • Pain in the lower torso, the back, buttocks, and lower abdomen; 

  • gastroesophageal reflux, heartburn; 

  • Flatulence and diarrhea; 

  • Face flushing, dizziness, headaches;

  • Difficulty in nasal breathing; 

  • Hearing and vision issues, pain in the eyeballs, optic neuropathy and swelling of the eyelids;

  • Epileptic seizures and fainting; 

  • Changes in blood pressure. 


  • Skin sensitivity increase; 

  • Rhinitis and inflammation of the nasal mucosa; 

  • Color vision impairment;

  • Temporary hearing loss;

  • Anxiety and insomnia; 

  • Joints and tendons pain; 

  • Allergic skin reactions and prolonged, painful erection (in case of personal intolerance);

  • Dry mouth and peripheral edema;

  • Increased sugar levels in the blood. 

Viagra And Cialis Differences – Summary 

For your convenience, let’s put all the aspects side-by-side. Here is the whole picture: 



Production form

Blue pills

Yellow pills

Active compound

Sildenafil (PDE-5 Inhibitor)

Tadalafil (PDE-5 Inhibitor)

Reacts to food



Time to kick in

40 minutes

30-60 minutes

Best time to take

Doesn’t matter

1 hour before sex

Effect duration

5-6 hours

36 hours




As you can see, both Viagra and Cialis have unique advantages. That’s why we never will be able to say which one is better – each drug approaches erectile dysfunction uniquely. However, the question was never, “which one is better”. You just need to know the differences to make the final decision, which one is better for you. 


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